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Quaker House
Quaker House

Historic Day for Quaker House


On Thursday March 12, 2015, Quaker House, for the first time in it’s history, was invited to Ft. Bragg to give a presentation. Lynn and Steve Newsom, co-directors of Quaker House, led a program on Moral Injury for a group of social workers, counselors, and psychologists who work with the service members at Ft. Bragg.

Two years of love, care and hard work to raise awareness of Moral Injury in the military town of Fayetteville, North Carolina, with heartfelt concern for the welfare of the men and women soldiers, has opened doors for Lynn and Steve. The Newsoms are members of many local organizations that provide care to service members. They give lectures and presentations both in Fayetteville and around the country promoting the care of the nation’s service members and advocating for a peaceful world. Thank you Lynn and Steve for your faithful service!

—-Elaine Martin, SEYM representative to Quaker House

See more about Quaker House at their website: http://www.quakerhouse.org/.