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Field Secretary for Earthcare Approved

This past SEYM Gathering, Friends took a huge leap of faith when they approved five Minutes for the establishment and funding of a new, unique position of Field Secretary for Earthcare. Over the duration of the Gathering, Friends were led by spirit to diligently discern how to move forward these proposals. Many spoke and all from heart, mind, and spirit. The Youth Group made a wonderful presentation, which in part spoke to their wishes and hopes for the FSE. The energy and light and spirit were palatable in the Friend’s process. It brought tears to some eyes.

These five SEYM Minutes are building on last year’s Minute on Climate Change and the Clerk’s call to action and they are being shared with others who have interest in bringing forth similar action.

Before the close of this year’s Gathering, about $3,000 was raised from individual contributions and have been placed into the newly established restricted fund for FSE. Other Friends and Monthly Meetings are discerning their contributions for supporting the FSE and its very important moral, spiritual, and ecological work. We are looking forward to when sufficient funds are in place and we can begin the call for a person led to the work and the screening and employment of such a special friend.

Please see that the question of financial support for the SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare is raised in your Monthly Meeting or worship group and consider making your own individual contribution. Checks should be made out to SEYM with a memo or note that the money is for the FSE, and mailed to: SEYM, P.O.Box 4024, Winter Park, FL 32793.

Click Here for the Minutes establishing the Field Secretary for Earthcare