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Peter Baryshnikov Filming Acahualinca Documentary
Peter Baryshnikov filming Acahualinca documentary

ProNica: New Video on the Acahualinca Women’s Center

Pam Haigh does 'Worship Shearing' at the Gathering. photo: Warren Hoskins

Pam Haigh does ‘Worship Shearing’ at the Gathering. photo: Warren Hoskins

There’s a new video out about the Acahualinca Women’s Center, a ProNica partner. The video tells the story of how the Women’s Center and its Cosmetology School transform the life of Merari, a poor single mother of three, giving her a new career and new hope. The ‘Beauty School’ was started in 2005 by Pam Haigh (St. Petersburg), who has been a sponsor, mentor, and fundraiser. 

About the videoLa Belleza: Merari’s StoryMelissa Ajabshir writes:

“Merari has never sat under Pam Haigh’s ‘worship shearing’ tent at an SEYM gathering while Friends get their spiffy new hairdos, but she’s heard the stories of this clever and heartening way of raising awareness and funds—and she is filled with gratitude. 

“Thanks to the visionary women running the Acahualinca Women’s Center, to the mentorship of Pam Haigh, and to all of you, Merari has successfully fulfilled her dream of graduating from cosmetology school.  Congratulations Merari!”

Please enjoy the four-minute video, La Belleza: Merari’s Story, on the ProNica youtube site.

credit Peter Baryznikov Belleza grad church copy

photo by Peter Baryshnikov

Peter Baryshnikov filming beauty school documentary