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John Calvi

A Weekend with John Calvi, Feb. 5-7

Gainesville meetinghouse; by Eleanor Blair

Gainesville meetinghouse; by Eleanor Blair

Gainesville Meeting is hosting ‘A Weekend with John Calvi,’ February 5th – 7th, 2016. All sessions will be held at the Gainesville Friends Meeting House at 702 NW 38th Street, Gainesville, Florida.

Friday, February 5th, at 7pm, John Calvi will share updates on the current stauts of American torture and The Quaker Initiative to End Torture (QUIT!).

Saturday, February 6th, 9am to 4pm, John Calvi will present ‘the Goodness Workshop’, a study on healing and deeper spiritual life. Friends will learn simple laying-on-of-hands, a bit of Quaker history to go with it, and make a private life chart to see where our own goodness is obvious and secure. Registration is required for the Saturday workshop.

Sunday, Feb. 7th, after worship, there will be a Forum at 1pm.

For more details, including registration, Friendly hospitality, and suggested donations, see the Weekend with John Calvi flyer>

john-calviJohn Calvi has been working with people surviving traumatic experience since 1982. A certified massage therapist, John began this work with women survivors of sexual abuse and then in the AIDS epidemic. Later, he worked with inmates, tortured refugees, ritual abuse survivors, addicts, and hospice. John’s spiritual gift as a Quaker healer is the release of physical and emotional pain following trauma, not healing of the disease process. He will be doing some individual work on Saturday during the workshop as a donation to participants.

Making 24 trips each year to teach, John has taught in four countries, five prisons, and ten yearly meetings. Many of his workshops are attended by health care professionals and clergy working in crisis where pain is abundant and resources too few.

John is a frequent workshop leader at Pendle Hill; has served as keynote speaker at Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns and several Yearly Meetings (including SEYM in 1992); and has offered workshops and given the closing plenary at FGC. He is the author of The Dance Between Hope and Fear*. This book is not a how-to-do-healing book, but a mosaic of written pieces and speeches John set down for over thirty years in order to understand himself, his healing work, the elements spiritual honesty, and giving over to Divine leadings.” (www.amazon.com) He is passionate about his latest work as organizer of Quaker Initiative to End Torture—QUIT. He lives in Putney, VT, with his husband, Marshall Brewer.

Learn more about John on his website: www.johncalvi.com

For more about Gainesville Friends, see their website here: https://www.quakercloud.org/cloud/gainesville-quakers