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Executive Committee Meeting

Saturday, June 9, 2018 • 9 am  – 3 pm


Tampa Friends Meetinghouse

1502 W. Sligh Avenue, Tampa, Florida




If you have an Executive Committee agenda item,

please email   Elaine Martin, EC/IBM Clerk.

Yearly Business Meeting 2018 Documents

YBM Minutes

YBM Numbered Minutes

2018 Epistles

Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports

YBM Executive Committee Minutes

Administrative Calendar

JUNE 2017

Directory finished, printed, and mailed

Gathering planning begins; letter of agreement w/Walton Lecturer, LEC Contract & Deposit

FIBM host Meeting contacted prior to 2nd Sunday in June

HYM Site Reservation Contract Signed & 1st Payment Due HYM Clerk Contacts Camp

1    YM Fiscal Year begins

7    Reports for EC due in office & e-mailed out before EC

17   SUMMER EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING  3rd Saturday in June, Tampa

JULY 2017

Begin work on HYM program & registration

10   Call for FIBM DIAs sent out 6weeks before deadline

30   Intervisitation Sunday: visit another SEYM Meeting or Worship Group! Fifth Sundays


YM Gathering Reservation: Contract & Deposit Due

27    FIBM DIAS due in office 3 weeks prior to Sept. MMfB

31    FY 1st quarter ends


2    FIBM DIAs sent out  1week prior to Sept. MMfB

18   HYM registration form & flyer information due in office

25   HYM flyer sent out


5    Half Yearly Meeting Registration opens  7 weeks prior to HYM


7     FALL INTERIM BUSINESS MEETING, Sarasota Meetinghouse. 1st Saturday in October

16   Call for WIBM Documents In Advance sent out

29   Intervisitation Sunday: visit another SEYM Meeting or Worship Group! Fifth Sundays


1      Guide One Insurance policy renewal deadline

Michener Lecture brochure information from W&M Cte. & OMM due

Budget requests due in to Finance Cte. Clerk per handbook

15    Michener brochure mailed out   2 months before event

23-26     HALF-YEARLY MEETING Thanksgiving weekend Thur-Sun.

27    WIBM DIAs deadline  2 weeks before December Meeting for Business

30    FY 2nd quarter ends


4    WIBM DIAs sent out

31   Intervisitation Sunday: visit another SEYM Meeting or Worship Group! fifth Sundays


Gathering: 2nd deposit payment to LEC; Registration information due in office


13    WINTER INTERIM BUSINESS MEETING, Orlando. Saturday of MLK Holiday weekend

Membership lists due in Office byWIBM

YBM DIAs deadline   by WIBM

Input on SEYM donations to organizations budget due in to Finance Cte.   by WIBM

14   MICHENER LECTURE & SEMINARS Sunday of MLK weekend

21    Gathering Registration begins  7 weeks before end of registration


5    YBM DIAs sent out to give Meetings 2 Business Meetings for discernment

28   FY 3rd quarter ends

Spiritual State of the Meeting Reports due

Directory statistics due in to Finance Committee (per 12FIBM02)

MARCH 2018

11    YM GATHERING REGISTRATION DEADLINE  2 1/2 weeks before Gathering

14    YM Gathering Registration data due in to Camp    2 weeks before YM, per LEC contract

March 28 – April 1      YEARLY MEETING GATHERING Wed. – Easter Sunday

APRIL 2018

After Yearly Meeting, as soon as possible:

  • YMB Minutes, news & photos posted to website; eNews
  • YMB Minutes & Directories mailed
  • Epistles sent out to other YMs & organizations
  • Remind Treasurer or Registered Agent of Corporate report filing deadline

29    Intervisitation Sunday: visit another SEYM Meeting or Worship Group! Fifth Sundays

MAY 2018

1     Corporation annual report to State of Florida due with revised officers, payment

31    End of 4th quarter & Fiscal Year

Administrative Calendar

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april, 2018

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