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SEYM Sponsored Workshops on Earthcare

These workshops and presentations are offered by SEYM Friends, with the approval and support of their Monthly Meetings and SEYM. These Friends give generously of their time & gifts to bring their workshops to Meetings or Worship Groups within SEYM. Your Meeting or Worship Group may request a workshop by contacting the presenter directly to make arrangements for travel, hospitality, honorariums and reimbursements for expenses.

QEW: Quaker Earthcare Witness

Presentations that look at the value of the earth in your life, the earth as God’s hands on expression of unconditional love, what you have done for the earth today, and/or a chance to share a joy the earth brings to you. The format ranges from worship sharing, workshop, fish bowl, friendly conversations, according to the needs of the Meeting.

Led by Jack Bradin, Palm Beach Meeting: greenebank@earthlink.com

Befriending Earth: An Introduction to Earth Literacy

What do you need to know to be Earth Literate? This workshop explores getting us back in touch with our Earth roots and discovering what skills and knowledge we need to pass on to the next generations. The methodology involves all senses, mind and body, and requires a sense of playfulness.

Led by Brad Stocker, Miami Meeting: earthsibling@gmail.com

Suggested Actions for Meetings & Worship Groups

When the Climate Change Minute was approved, our SEYM clerk entreated us all to make it become more than words and seek to implement the Climate Change Minute through actions. The Earthcare Committee concurs.

Here are some suggestions:

Download a PDF Here >>

Recommendations to Expand Our Knowledge Base

Recommended Books

  • A Sand County Almanac, Leopold
  • The Great Work, Berry
  • The Dream of the Earth, Berry
  • A Really Short History of Nearly Everything, Bryson
  • Natural Capitalism, Hawken, Lovins, Lovins
  • The Sacred Earth, ed. Gottlieb
  • The Swamp, Grunwald
  • The Last Child in the Woods, Louv
  • Earth in Mind, Orr
  • The Sacred Balance, Suzuki
  • Sustainable Education, Sterling
  • Walden, Thoreau
  • Here is a free book, Now That You Know, written by MacGregor Smith who, among many earth-friendly acts, started the Earth Ethics Institute at Miami Dade College.http://nowthatyouknow.info/NowThatYouKnow.pdf

Resources for Young Friends

  • The Everything Seed, Troyner (There is a PowerPoint available too)
  • If the Earth … were a few feet in diameter, Miller
  • Pass the Energy, Please, McKinney
  • Born with a Bang, Morgan
  • From Lava to Life
  • Mammals Who Morph
  • The Lorax, Suess
  • All I See is Part of Me, Curtis
  • Dear Children of the Earth, Schimmel
  • On the Day You Were Born, Frasier
  • You are the Earth, Suzuki
  • 50 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Save the Earth, Javna

The Eleventh SEYM Queries and Advices provide a clear basis for the work of the Earthcare Committee:

Care of the Natural World


  • Do we live in harmony with nature?
  • Do we live in keeping with the spirit of the unity, sacredness, and integrity of all creation?
  • Do we seek to minimize our consumption of the earth’s resources?
  • Do we encourage equitable and sustainable use of those resources?
  • Do we walk gently over the earth, seeing that of God in all of nature?
  • Do we seek to educate ourselves, our children, our meeting, and our community about how our lives can be more in harmony with the earth?
  • Does the meeting strive to bring all its practices in harmony with the natural world?


  • Maintain in ourselves and encourage in others a sense of responsibility for the environment, both for the present and for future generations.
  • Avoid amusements that stimulate destructive emotions, are detrimental to the health or tranquility of others, or are damaging to the natural environment.
  • Show a loving consideration for all creatures, cherishing the beauty and wonder of all God’s creation.
  • Share our sense of reverence and stewardship for the earth.

Download a PDF of the Queries and Advices Here >>