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SEYM Workshops: SEYM Friends offer several workshops to Meetings and Worship Groups, in the ‘Quaker Testimonies in Action’ section.

Acting in Faith: Connecting Friends to the work of the American Friends Service Committee. Website, eNewsletter, Quaker Meeting/Church Liaison Program, and the Quaker Social Change Ministry Pilot Program.

Acting in Faith, Partners in Spirit-led Action: 9 ways your Meeting can work with AFSC for peace and justice.

FCNL Grassroots Toolkit : Resources for lobbying your congresspersons, writing letters to the editor, working in groups, contacting your Representatives, and more.

FCNL Action Alerts:

Committee Members

  • Warren Hoskins, clerk, Miami Meeting
  • Jack Bradin, Palm Beach Meeting
  • Shawna Doran, Gainesville Meeting
  • Mike Flanery, Clearwater Meeting
  • Al Geiger, Jacksonville Meeting
  • Minerva Glidden, Orlando Meeting
  • Peter Harrell, Gainesville Meeting
  • Andrea Hoskins, Miami Meeting
  • Steve Kinney, Tampa Meeting
  • Tim Ray, Gainesville Meeting
  • Lin Young, St. Petersburg Meeting
  • Eileen Zingaro, Clearwater Meeting

Peace & Social Concerns Committee

Minutes & Reports


  • FIBM = Fall Interim Business Meeting
  • WIBM = Winter Interim Business Meeting
  • YBM = Yearly Business Meeting
  • DIA = Documents In Advance