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SEYM Sponsored Workshops

These workshops and presentations are offered by SEYM Friends, with the approval and support of their Monthly Meetings and SEYM. These Friends give generously of their time & gifts to bring their workshops to Meetings or Worship Groups within SEYM. Your Meeting or Worship Group may request a workshop by contacting the presenter directly to make arrangements for travel, hospitality, honorariums and reimbursements for expenses.

Meetings are invited to recommend members to do this traveling ministry of leading workshops. Recommendations should be communicated by the Meeting clerk to Nancy Fennell, nancyfen38@outlook.com, who will then follow-up with the presenter.  It is recommended that the presenter have an on-going care committee within their Meeting for support, guidance, and accountability. This program is under the care of the SEYM Executive Committee Clerk.

Our Workshops

A Brief History of the New Testament

An overview of the world Jesus, the disciples and apostles lived in.

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook@yahoo.com

Fruits of the Spirit

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook@yahoo.com

Outing Truth: The Bible and Homosexuality

A look at what the Bible actually says about same-gender love.

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook

Paul’s Epistles

A look at the challenging letters of Paul to young churches.

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook@yahoo.com

Radical Love

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook

Seeking St. Paul

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook@yahoo.com

The Sermon on the Mount: A Guide to Living

Presenter: Joel Cook (Treasure Coast Worship Group) e-mail: J1cook

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AVP: Alternatives to Violence & Peace Psychology

Presenter: Eduardo Diaz (Miami Meeting)   e-mail: avpmiami@aol.com

Experiential exercises, presentations, discussions, as determined by the needs of the requesting group.  Eduardo is President of the National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, President Elect of the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence in the Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association, and Lead Facilitator of AVP-Miami. Eduardo is one of the founders of AVP-Miami in 1994 and has served as a Lead Facilitator in both national and international settings. He can introduce the topic and provide updates on the work of AVP-USA and AVP-International.

Befriending Earth: An Introduction to Earth Literacy

Presenter: Brad Stocker (Miami Meeting)  e-mail: earthsibling@gmail.com

What do you need to know to be Earth Literate? This workshop explores getting us back in touch with our Earth roots and discovering what skills and knowledge we need to pass on to the next generations. The methodology involves all senses, mind and body, and requires a sense of playfulness.

Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement

Presenter: Eduardo Diaz (Miami Meeting)   e-mail: avpmiami@aol.com

Eduardo is a Past President of the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) and can provide an introduction to the topic as well as updates on national and international models.

 Enhancing Your Talks & Presentations

Presenter: Cecelia Yocum (Tampa) e-mail: ceceyocum@aol.com

Learn ways to bring more interaction to your talks and presentations by adding in more demonstrations and activities. For example, Stand in the Circle, Stand on the Line, Concentric Circles, etc. Bring something you want to develop and we will see how we can all help to bring more interaction and zing to it.

Friends Peace Teams

Presenter: Cecelia Yocum (Tampa) e-mail: ceceyocum@aol.com

Cecelia is SEYM’s representative to Friends Peace Teams, a group she has been working and traveling with for over 10 years. She presents community trauma healing in Africa and Columbia.The Goals of the trauma healing programs in those countries are:

  • To increase awareness and understanding of the concepts of trauma and grief among trauma survivors of war and genocide
  • To create lasting relationships across polarized identities
  • To build community capacity to respond effectively to the emotional consequences of war.
  • To encourage and support communities working together across identity lines to jointly address the emotional consequences of war and to rebuild their communities
  • To promote reconciliation as a fundamental component of trauma healing, and to promote healing as integral to any genuine post-conflict reconstruction.

In the workshop you will learn about techniques to help trauma survivors that are used in psychoeducational workshops, which could be also be adapted to individual and group work in the US. It is an interactive workshop that hopefully you will find inspiring.

How to Deal with Bullies at School & in the Workplace 

Presenter: Kathy Hersh (Miami Meeting) email: hershkathy@gmail.com

Bullying is about a power imbalance which enables a person or group to repeatedly target a person or group of people perceived to be weak, powerless, or friendless. People who refuse to “fight back” are often taken advantage of. There are proven techniques to redress the imbalance through group empowerment and the formation of allies committed to stopping the abuse. This applies in classrooms and workplaces. The workshop will focus on language, nonviolent communication, body language and use of the law, if necessary.

Kathy chaired the Miami-Dade Community Task Force for Bullying Prevention.  The Task Force was instrumental in getting Miami-Dade County Public Schools to develop a bullying prevention curriculum for PreK-12 and train educators and school staff in effective intervention.  She explains how to form an effective grassroots coalition of parents, students, educators, counselors and child advocates.  She advocates a whole school/whole community approach to bullying reduction and prevention, starting with the premise that bullies are victims, too.  Kathy worked with a state Coalition for Safe Schools to pass legislation making bullying prevention programs and training mandatory in all public schools in Florida.

Making History

Presenter: Kathy Hersh (Miami Meeting) email: hershkathy@gmail.com

Making documentaries and helping people develop their own documentary ideas. (with Carl Hersh)


Presenter: Kathy Hersh (Miami Meeting) email: hershkathy@gmail.com

An in-depth presentation on ProNica and the importance of accompaniment in the developing world, i.e., dealing with cultural differences and expectations, and maintaining a true egalitarian relationship.

QEW: Quaker Earthcare Witness

Presenter: Jack Bradin (Palm Beach Meeting), e-mail: greenebank@earthlink.com

Presentations that look at the value of the earth in your life, the earth as God’s hands on expression of unconditional love, what you have done for the earth today, and/or a chance to share a joy the earth brings to you. The format ranges from worship sharing, workshop, fish bowl, friendly conversations, according to the needs of the Meeting.


Pendle Hill offers videos of many of their recent lectures and presentations. Visit Pendle Hill Live Streaming Video.