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Cathy Gaskill, Storytelling At SEYM

Cathy Gaskill, Storytelling at SEYM

In this video of a Youth workshop at Yearly Meeting, Cathy Gaskill tells the story of her family at Fiske University (where her father was president), weaving in her birth and tales of her experiences, and encounters with the Jim Crowe laws in her own life. Lots of information about…

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Juniors’ & Young Friends’ Epistle 2017

Juniors' & Young Friends' Epistle 2017

Dear Friends Everywhere, We are the Young and Junior Friends of Southeastern Yearly Meeting and this week we focused on animals and climate change. As we arrived at the meeting, we started with crafts. There was a fierce battle over the golden and silver duct tape. Eventually, Leo reigned victorious.…

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Teen Epistle 2017

Teen Epistle 2017

To Friends Everywhere, The teen group (grades 8-12) of Southeastern Yearly Meeting met at the Methodist Life Enrichment Center in Leesburg, Florida, from April 12-16, 2017. In addition to participating in worship sharing, retreat sessions, and other activities as part of the wider SEYM community, we also spent time together…

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We are looking for volunteers to work with our youth at the Yearly Meeting Gathering, Half Yearly Meeting, and other events. Volunteers are screened and trained through our SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). Visit our CAPP page for complete information.