407-739-4150  office@seym.org

AFSC: American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia
AFSC-SERO: American Friends Service Committee, Regional Office, Atlanta
AVP: Alternative to Violence Project
Circus McGurkis–St.Pete MM
Earlham School of Religion
FCNL: Friends Committee on National Legislation
Fellowship of Reconciliation
FGC: Friends General Conference
FGC: Friends General Conference Bookstore
FLGBTQC: Friends for Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns
Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice & Sustainable Living Center of North Florida
Florida Council of Churches
Florida Impact
Fellowship for Reconciliation (FOR)
Friends Council on Education
Friends Fiduciary Corporation
Friends Journal Magazine
Friends Peace Teams
FUM: Friends United Meeting
FWCC: Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas
FWCC: Friends World Committee for Consultation, World Office
Pendle Hill: Quaker center for study, contemplation, forums, pamphlets
ProNica: SEYM supported outreach to Nicaragua
QEW: Quaker Earthcare Witness

Quaker House: counseling military service people
Quaker Information: Index of Quaker organizations; host of Q-sites
Quaker Life Magazine
Quaker Maps
QUNO: Quaker United Nations Office
QUV: Quaker Universalist Voice
QUIP: Quakers Uniting In Publications
Right Sharing of World Resources
School of the Spirit
SIPAZ: Servicio Internacional Para La Paz
Veterans for Peace: Working Together Against War & Violence for Peace & Justice
War Resister’s League: Promotes nonviolent solutions; great peace calendar!
William Penn House: Washington D.C. (bed & breakfast & more)