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Quaker House Publishes Book on Moral Injury

MoralInjuryBookQuaker House has just published a book of healing strategies for moral injury, Moral Injury:  Strategies and Interventions, by Cecilia Yocum, PhD, a member of Tampa Meeting, Florida.

In the United States we have been late to recognize and provide supportive services to victims of post-traumatic stress disorder, and are only beginning to recognize a need to address moral injury – debilitating guilt, shame and self-condemnation secondary to inflicting violence State-sanctioned or otherwise, on others.  Both exist.  Both haunt our society. The strategies and interventions provided in this booklet set forth a means of addressing the injuries to an individual’s moral codes.  The conflict or tension with one’s personal codes and that of armed conflict and the aftermath may create conditions which can make it difficult to return to “normal” life.  The strategies and interventions provided here are opportunities for individuals to identify, address, and manage those conflicts or tensions through a structured process and, above all, in a safe supportive environment. The emphasis is on recognizing that agents of injury also suffer, identifying the nature of their emotional and spiritual injuries, and providing a safe environment to facilitate healing. These activities will help those with moral injury develop some tools to work toward the goals listed above along with other goals of understanding moral injury, self-care, and developing personal and spiritual resources.  These exercises/activities are designed to be used by counselors/pastoral counselors, psychologists or other mental health workers.

Cece Yocum volunteered to write this book after attending a Quaker House presentation in Tampa. She adds that Steve Kinney helped with editing and typing, and Bev Ward helped with ideas and wrote a very moving discussion of moral injury. Steve and Bev are also Tampa Meeting members.

This book is available online through Amazon. It can also be ordered by e-mailing Quaker House   or by calling them at 910-323-3912.