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Miami Meeting Retreat, Oct. 29

Cece Yocum

Cece Yocum

Theme: Communication and Trust 

• Retreat Facilitator: Cecilia Yocum*, Tampa Monthly Meeting

Gather at 9:00am for coffee and snack. We’ll finish at 4:30pm.

• Location: John Stevens Residence, 9430 SW 93rd Ave.

Join us for a day of relaxation and revitalization as we take time out together as a faith community. We will be led by a gifted peacemaker into a deeper understanding of the importance of communication and trust in a meeting’s vitality. We will enhance our skills through exercises, games, and stretching our minds a bit.

Weather permitting, we will spend part of our time outdoors. Wear, loose comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle. Morning coffee and a light lunch will be served.

 Pizza and Poetry: As part of the retreat we will also gather Friday evening, October 28 at the Meetinghouse from 7- 9pm for Pizza and PoetryBring a favorite poem to share. Pizza will be provided. Feel free to bring a favorite topping to customize your slice(s). This is a chance to meet Cece if you don’t know her and to visit if you do.

Please RSVP by October 27 to closeup.carl@gmail.com or sign up at the Meetinghouse to let us know if you can make one or both of these events. We want to be sure that we have enough food and drink for all.

*Cecilia Yocum is an esteemed member of our Yearly Meeting, a former Clerk and long-standing member of the Youth Committee. Cece dreams up interesting and fun activities for our youth program. She is a psychologist who is active with the Friends Peace Teams. She has led trauma healing and reconciliation workshops in Colombia and with Hutu and Tutsi tribes following the Rwandan genocide.