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Children Of Los Quinchos With Herb Haigh
Children of Los Quinchos with Herb Haigh

ProNica Update

pronicalogoThe people of Nicaragua continue to carry the burden of their unfortunate geography. Recently, in addition to the omnipresent poverty, Mother Nature released on them an ecological trifecta that included volcanic eruptions, an earthquake, and a hurricane.

To make matters more complicated politically, the now-corrupt President Ortega has been re-elected, with his wife as Vice-President. Ortega now has manipulated the law so that he can be President for life. All this while peasants are said to be collecting arms to fight back against the Nicaraguan police who are protecting a planned canal that may or may not be built; if the Nicaragua Inter-Oceanic Canal is built, it threatens to destroy the Nicaraguan eco system and increase tensions with the United States.

George Fox said “Dwell in the darkness and cover it with Light.” Pronica is very familiar with the darkness. But even within it, we can find plenty of light and plenty of opportunities to share in in the spirit—“We see what love can do.”

Children of Los Quinchos with Herb Haigh

Children of Los Quinchos with Herb Haigh

ProNica and its partners continue to help shelter and educate street children, assist with programs for battered women and women’s health, and support our ongoing programs for AVP, art, libraries, sanitation and clean water.

You may have heard ProNica was close, very close, to being laid down. However let me say clearly, “the rumors of our death are premature.” The light continues to guide us as we are blessed to welcome our new stateside Executive Director, Irene King.

Somewhere near a month ago, Irene got off to a slow start by breaking her tibia shortly after coming on board. We were all terrified as it was a week or two before she could manage her way back to her desk. But then miracles began to happen in rapid succession. Commitments from colleges for delegations have come in, as well as a few donations. And ProNica has been named in an estate!— although we don’t know yet how much the bequest will be. We are not in the clear by any means but we can see a future.

Please welcome and support Irene as she begins her journey with us!

If you would like to receive a blog updating the news from Nicaragua please contact me at herbhaigh@gmail.com.

—Herb Haigh