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Gainesville Friends Host Sabal Trail Pipeline Forum Feb. 5th


Gainesville Meetinghouse

All SEYM Friends are invited to attend Gainesville Meeting’s Forum on the Sabal Trail Pipeline, Sunday, February 5th, to learn about this imminent threat to the Florida water supply as it works its way south towards your region. The featured speaker will be Marrillee Malwitz-Jipson, an employee of the Sierra Club. Beverly Ward, SEYM’s Field Secretary for Earthcare, will also be there to speak and share information.

At Winter Interim Business Meeting, this minute on the pipeline was approved:

“The Sabal Trail Pipeline and Florida South Connection, which are being built by Florida Power and Light, Next Era, and Duke & Spectra Energy, endanger culturally significant land and also put several Florida waterways, human populations and wildlife in danger. We, Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), meeting at WIBM, are called to support the voices and peaceful actions of those who are protesting this pipeline.”

Where: Gainesville Friends Meetinghouse 702 NW 38th Street, Gainesville, FL 32607

When: Sunday, February 5th

  • 11 am: Worship
  • 12 noon: fellowship & potluck lunch
  • 1 pm: Forum

Hospitality: If Meetings are bringing groups, or if you need overnight hospitality, please contact Tim Fogarty by Jan. 28th, at 336-430-7791 or e-mail Tim.

Learn More: 

Printed & AV materials will be available at the Forum. Multiple resources on the Sabal Trail pipeline, & resistance actions, can be found on youtube and the Sierra Club websites.

See the Field Secretary for Earthcare post, “Of Concern: the Sabal Trail Project”