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The Manatee Speaks. Photo:VC

Juniors’ & Young Friends’ Epistle 2017

Dear Friends Everywhere,

We are the Young and Junior Friends of Southeastern Yearly Meeting and this week we focused on animals and climate change.

As we arrived at the meeting, we started with crafts. There was a fierce battle over the golden and silver duct tape. Eventually, Leo reigned victorious.

After that, we did Worship Sharing, where we discussed how to create a welcoming community for all in the SEYM youth program. We asked ourselves:

  1. How do we show up and treat others when we are seeing that of God within them?
  2. What do I need to thrive in my community, school, and home?

As other children began to arrive, we went to the parachute where Kiran and Ezra refused to compromise their manliness by engaging in parachute play. Kiran did, however, step into the big yellow cheerio. Ezra watched from afar, silently judging.

While the younger children painted stick puppets for the epistle mural, the Junior and Teen Friends played a very Quakerly game of Mafia, where we silently murdered each other.

The no-ropes Challenge Course

On Friday, we visited an extremely low, no ropes course, where we used teamwork and logs to succeed.

And, of course, we all enjoyed an evening of dancing with Gary Arthur (caller) and the wonderful Faith and No Practice Band.

On Saturday, we saw Gary Arthur again for a fantabulous session on animal yoga.

Then we were joined by Peter Toscano for an interesting and hilarious talk on climate change.

Capture the Flag. photo: Ezra Merleaux

We played two games of intergenerational Capture the Flag, won by Daniel and Lena, who bested us all with their incredible Capture the Flag skills!

We are now finished with the epistle and are eagerly awaiting the egg hunt.


Thank you,

Priya, Bronwyn, Leo, Audrey, Hoyt, Magdalena, Cassandra, Daniel, Julia, Sadie, and Nathan


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Young & Junior Friends share the “River Animal Friends Meeting” epistle in business meeting. photo: Jacky Schroeder