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Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse

Quaker Earthcare Witness Report

The Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) Steering Committee met at the Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse April 20-23, 2017. Brad Stocker (Miami) is one of our SEYM representatives to QEW.

Brad writes:

QEW hired a new Publications Coordinator, Hayley Hathaway who is excellent.

QEW Publications display

I am co-clerk of Publications. There are new publications from QEW, two on Talking About Climate Change and another three in the works. One is a revision of Adoption as a choice and another on Ecojustice. The third is a new general one on QEW. We are also revising two books: Earthcare for Children, which is near completion and will have a soft launch at FGC. The other is Earthcare for Friends. There have been a number of translations for other pamphlets. We are looking for funding for more translations into Spanish.

The Population Working Group will write a trifold on the cost of population on the commons.

The UN Working Group is presenting material and requesting funding support for the International Decade of People of African Descent. We were asked to bring this to Meetings and ask for consideration of support. (Miami Friends Meeting approved $500 for support. Our FSE, Beverly Ward has been a key lead in this effort.) Read more & Donate here >

Atlanta Friends Meetinghouse

MaryJo Klingel is being considered for the next clerk of QEW.

QEW struggles for financing a bit more than other Friends organizations for a number of reasons. We are asked to petition Meetings and Friends for support. We now have the capacity to accept stocks as a donation.

QEW struggles with diversity and with outreach to others within the Friends world.

Outreach is setting up a “speaker’s bureau” which will be also workshops and such.

The Minigrants application has gotten easier and we are asking for all Meetings to consider applying.

QEW is currently participating with US Climate Action Network and other groups. We are co-signatories to a number of documents and statements.

We have had members representing QEW at FWCC, USCAN, Standing Rock, many yearly meetings.

If you are not already receiving Befriending Creation, the QEW newsletter, we ask that you subscribe. It’s free but we would ask for some financial help if you ask for a paper copy. The donation can be made at the website. Subscribe here > 

We are always open to new articles for Befriending Creation.

We have a Facebook presence and ask those who use FB visit, like, follow QEW there and share it with others.

Beverly Ward is now a member at large with QEW. She was present and arranged and participated in a panel on eco/social justice with three other people of color. Beverly is hugely welcomed and successful.

QEW is always in continuous discernment about mission implementation and outreach. We are looking to see what is next. We are at the 30 year point and 5 years ago there was decision to not lay QEW down.

Peace and Love,

Brad Stocker, a Miami Friends Meeting and SEYM representative to Quaker Earthcare Witness.


Hayley Hathaway, QEW Publications Coordinator.  photo: QEW