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FWCC Trav Minister Julie

FWCC Traveling Ministry Corps

The SEYM Worship and Ministry Committee recommends that each Monthly Meeting consider taking advantage of a great resource available for them, the FWCC Traveling Ministry Corps.

One of 4 Traveling Ministers with FWCC Section of the Americas, Julie Peyton

A program of the FWCC Section of the Americas, the Traveling Ministry Corps is a group of Friends—Spanish- and English-speaking volunteers—who are to be sent as ministers throughout the Section, crossing Yearly Meeting lines and other divisions among Friends. All available Ministers have undergone a clearness process under the care of FWCC Section of the Americas and are well qualified to engage in this work. The current members available to travel to North America Friends Meetings and Churches are listed on the ‘Introducing the Traveling Ministers’ page>.

If your Meeting is interested in having a visit from one of these ministers, download the ‘Request For Visit From Traveling Minister’ Form to initiate the process. Meeting responsibilities, and what to expect from FWCC and the Traveling Minister, are delineated in the ‘Request’ form. If you wish to have additional information, feel free to consult with SEYM representatives to FWCC:


—Clara Diaz, Clerk, Worship and Ministry Committee, SEYM