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Peace & Social Concerns Offers Mini-grants

Seeking to encourage and support Peace and Social Concerns programs and actions within our SEYM Monthly Meetings, the SEYM Peace and Social Concerns committee met at Yearly Meeting and approved offering mini-grants from our committee yearly funding allocation to SEYM meetings for projects related to Peace and Social Concerns.   This is for programs/actions planned for the SEYM fiscal year beginning after June 1, 2018. We have total of $450 to award before 5/30/18 and ask for prompt action in submitting proposals.

Grant submission Deadline for proposal review is April 30, 2018

SEYM Monthly Meetings are invited to:

  • Submit a proposal that relates to a peace and social concerns action or program that will be undertaken between June 2018 and May 2019.
  • Outline what resources will be accessed with the money provided.
  • Share how this would benefit your community/environment/monthly meeting.
  • Projects that include all age groups will be a priority.
  • Explain how you might measure the impact of the project and how you might continue/expand/or change the project in the future if appropriate.

REPORT BACK ~ Please report back to the Peace and Social Concerns committee so we can track what occurred, report to the Yearly Meeting and discern the usefulness of offering mini-grants for the following year. This will also provide information for those meetings who might be interested in your work. It would be good to have an article for the SEYM newsletter about your project.

Examples – just for ideas:

  • Start an organic garden at the meeting or another location such as a low income area
  • Develop a recycling program at the meeting or some place else
  • Do research on some social problem within your area
  • Fund a young person to attend a march for the Immokalee Workers or work against gun violence
  • Help fund an AVP or direct action training or advocacy/lobbying effort
  • First steps of a larger project or finishing steps of an existing project

Thank you for your work and witness,

Please send proposals to:

Cecilia Yocum, co-clerk, SEYM P&SC Committee

email Cece Yocum

We will develop a team to review the proposals who can recuse themselves if they are involved in the grant. Please let me know if you need an extension or help.

Feel free to share with other SEYM folks