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The Art of the Beloved Community

‘The Art of the Beloved Community’ is the theme for this year’s national art project of the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts (FQA). From May to December of 2018, Quaker artists and Meetings around the country will host public events celebrating how we communicate with art— displaying works of local visual artists, hosting performances of drama, music, and dance, and having discussion forums—all around the topic of ‘the Art of the Beloved Community.’ These events feature artists from within the Meeting and the local community.

Bonnie Zimmer (Gainesville MM), a member of FQA, encourages SEYM artists and meetings to consider creating an event —and art—as part of this national project. Gainesville Meeting is planning an event for September.

Doris Pulone, an FQA organizer, writes:

“One hope I have is that we will make connections and showcase and support folks- and art – perhaps beyond our usual. That we make an effort to reach out of our comfort group and welcome new people and experiences into our Meetinghouses and art events….Co-sponsoring an event with other organizations is one way to develop an even broader beloved community.”

In a flyer for this year’s project, FQA offers some queries “to stimulate organizers and artists as they develop an arts event and/or discussion around this topic” of Beloved Community.” They also offer some resource material on the historical meaning of the Beloved Community, along with more queries.

a painting from the Art of Fearlessness exhibit in 2017

Tampa and Gainesville Meetings held events on last year’s theme of ‘The Art of Fearlessness.’ Art can be a ministry, witness, and outreach.

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