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'Ancient Tree,' UN Earthcare Coalition
'Ancient tree,' UN Earthcare Coalition

QEW & UN Earthcare Coalition Update

‘Ancient tree,’ UN Earthcare Coalition

SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare (FSE) Beverly Ward, who is serving as the UN Earthcare Coalition’s Water Circle clerk, has just created a new YouTube Channel, Earthcare Coalition – QEW UN Decade for People of African Descent >  The channel, which has two videos so far, provides content from QEW and the UN Earthcare Coalition’s work for the UN Decade for People of African Descent.

In the webinar, “Water in the Diaspora and Beyond” Beverly is joined by 5 panelists—a PhD from Kenya, a Riverkeeper from Maryland, a CEO of a global non-profit, and an educator on earth & indigenous spirituality— to discuss a wide range of interrelated water issues: access to potable water, local water conservation, sea level rise and extreme weather events, public health, and social justice; as well as changes needed in our culture and advocacy.

In the second video, Beverly interviews Dr. Nancy Abwalaba, a PhD and professor at Pwami University, Kenya, who works on water, gender, development, education, and displacement, and how it connects to climate disruption.

QEW (Quaker Earthcare Witness) is asking for donations to bring Dr. Abwalaba and others to a UN High Level Forum. They write:

“The Coalition is organizing a historic meeting of people of African descent during the U.N. High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development in New York. The money we raise will help bring people like Dr. Nancy Abwalaba, a professor and activist from Kenya, to New York and it will cover meeting costs.”

Please support the Earthcare Coalition in bringing Nancy and others to the Forum.

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Background: In 2016, the Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) United Nations Working Group initiated an Earthcare Coalition of organizations from throughout the African Diaspora to work under the UN International Decade for People of African Descent. They address the needs of the hundreds of millions of people of African descent outside of the African continent for food sovereignty — “to own and make full use of the means of food production against the backdrop of climate change and resource depletion.” Last year, they organized UN events and meetings on land sovereignty.

See last year’s great work in this slideshow>