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Dunedin Scottish Arts Building
Dunedin Scottish Arts building

“Pray & Play” Regional Gathering a Joyful Success

On Saturday, May 19th, 27 Friends, including twelve Friends from nearby meetings, joined with the members of Clearwater Friends Meeting for a regional gathering on the theme of “Pray and Play.”

In the morning there was silent worship followed by worship sharing focused on friendship. After lunch, the afternoon was devoted to fun-filled fellowship that included group singing, sharing personal experiences, storytelling, and even a session of collective experimentation with a variety of percussion instruments.

The day was filled with the joyful sound of conversation and laughter. Everyone agreed that it was a marvelous time for Friends to become better acquainted and deepen their friendships.

The Clerk of Clearwater Meeting, Rick Brice, writes:

“The reaction of those in attendance confirmed my suspicion that Friends desire a deeper relationship with one another both within and between our meetings. It would be wonderful to see other meetings host similar events.”


Fun with percussion instruments for the ‘Play’ part of the gathering. photos courtesy of Caroline Kaufman.