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June Executive Committee Highlights

20 Friends gathered for the June 9th Executive Committee meeting, hosted by Tampa Friends. It was a productive day, with our new EC/IBM Clerk, Elaine Martin (Jacksonville), facilitating discernment on several items of business.

Highlights included:

•  How to finance the Youth & Young Adult Coordinator position was a major item for discernment. Representatives from the Trustees and Finance and Youth Committees met during lunch to craft a proposal, which was approved in the afternoon. The position, which is modeled on Quaker Voluntary Service, will be filled by Kody Hersh (Miami), and is planned to begin in January 2019. The proposed budget is $15,000 per year.

• An Ad Hoc Search committee to look for a new Secretary was named, as three Friends present volunteered: Phoebe Andersen, Joel Cook, and Bill Carlie. This committee will be searching for candidates to fill the Secretary’s position by June of 2019, which is when Vicki Carlie hopes to retire and be released from her duties.

• A process to evaluate the Field Secretary for Earthcare program was decided; the Earthcare Committee is asked to bring forward an evaluation to FIBM.

The Earthcare Committee reported that they have received a lot of input for an SEYM faith statement on earthcare, and would have a draft for Fall Interim Business Meeting.

The Peace & Social Concerns committee reported that they gave a ‘mini-grant’ to Pete Ackerman (Palm Beach) to support his work on the Poor Peoples’ Campaign. Pete is serving on the Florida coordinating committee of the Campaign, which has planned the six actions in Tallahassee as part of the PPC’s ’40 Days of Action.’ The committee is reaching out to Meetings and Worship Groups.

The Ministry on Racism committee reported that Jane Westberg (Miami) and Kody Hersh (Miami) attended Pendle Hill’s ‘Truth & Healing’ conference on Indigenous Peoples, and that the committee is re-writing their mission to be inclusive of Indigenous Peoples.

Several other reports were heard, and issues addressed.

the full minutes of the June EC meeting will be posted soon.