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Poor Peoples’ Campaign Update

Phil Stone & Kenneth McClain outside Capitol building. photo: Pete Ackerman

Pete Ackerman (Palm Beach MM) and Phil Stone (Clearwater MM) sent in some news and photos from the Poor Peoples’ Campaign (PPC) June 11th action in Tallahassee. The rally was on the Week Five theme, ‘Everybody’s got the right to live: Education, Living Wage, Income, Housing.’ Buses brought people from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and other cities.

Phil Stone writes:

“I went on the St. Pete bus. There were about 200 people present (at the rally), with a strong labor presence from Fight for $15, fast-food workers demanding union representation, Faculty Forward which is organizing adjunct college faculty, and We Count, an organization of undocumented immigrants. We assembled outside the Capitol, then marched inside for the rally in the rotunda. The speakers were amazing. Other than Rachel, the co-chair of the Florida Poor People’s Campaign, all were people of color.

“I am very glad I went. The long bus ride was a great opportunity to talk with folks.”


protesters block the street. photo: Phil Stone

Pete Ackerman was the Campaign’s liaison to the police. After the rally, people blocked the street in front of the Capitol. The gathering was peaceful and there were no arrests.


A New and Unsettling Force: Confronting the Distorted Moral Narrative is the theme for Week 6 (June 17-22), the last week of the 40 days of action, which will culminate on June 23 with a mass rally in Washington DC.

Upcoming Events include:

PPC protesters in front of Florida Capitol building. photo: Phil Stone

Monday, June 18, 2018 Action in Tallahassee

Tuesday, June 19 • Truthful Tuesday Teach-In

Phil Stone with Clearwater Friends banner. photo: Phil Stone

Monday, June 23 • Washington DC

Stand Against Poverty, Mass Rally & Moral Revival

To learn of transportation from Florida and housing options in DC, or if you plan to go, want to go with other Quakers, or can offer rides,

Contact Pete Ackerman:

(386) 203-1512

email Pete Ackerman


PPC at Capitol building. photo: Pete Ackerman

SEYM Friends in Georgia and South Carolina are encouraged to check in with the PPC website ‘Find Your Event’ page>  and their state’s PPC facebook pages for events at their state capitals:

PPC protesters inside the Florida Capitol building. photo: Phil Stone