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Update: Miami Welcomes Salvadoran Refugee

Morena & Antonio’s reunion celebrated at Miami Meeting. photo: Kathy Hersh

Miami Friends report some good news in an update to last week’s post, Miami Welcomes Salvadoran Refugee>

Morena has been reunited with her son, Antonio, who is now with her in Miami after having spent almost three months in a New York detention center. On Sunday, July 22, Friends celebrated with cake and ice cream after Quaker Meeting.

Mother and son will be staying at Miami Meeting’s Bartram House while awaiting their asylum hearing. Antonio will be enrolling in a local school and will need clothes and school supplies.


Lis Marie-Alverado, of AFSC-Miami, is their official sponsor. She has created a Go Fund Me account to help Morena with her expenses.

Donate here: gofundme.com/morenas-fund 

Lis-Marie (2nd from right) with Antonio & Morena in Bartram House guest room. photo: Kathy Hersh


Thank you, Friends, for your support!