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UU St.Augustine

Quaker Decision-making: A Presentation to Unitarians

UU of St. Augustine

Mike Shell, Clerk of Jacksonville Meeting, gave a presentation on Quaker decision-making at the August 26th Sunday service of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Augustine. In his thoughtful style, Mike explored both the process and experience of the Meeting for Business. The talk was followed by a Q&A with the congregation.


Central themes of his talk were how our Faith and Practice inform each other in the process of discernment, and how the discernment process moves us into a commitment to a way forward as a group. His handout has this helpful Venn diagram showing the ‘AND’ in Faith and Practice as key to our discernment process:

Recording of the 8-26-18 service


Listen to the recording of the service and Mike’s presentation here>

Mike has also provided us the outline/handout for his talk, which includes resources. It is formatted as a half-sheet.

Download the handout here>

Mike had been invited by Yoshi (Jo) McIntire, who was formerly a member of Jacksonville Meeting, and now belongs to the Unitarians of St. Augustine. In keeping with Quaker Process, a Clearness Committee helped Mike discern way forward in accepting the invitation and preparing for the event.