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SEYM Secretary Job Opening

SEYM is searching for a new Administrative Secretary, to begin in June of 2019. This is a part-time job, working from home. Benefits include salary and reimbursement for use of internet and office space.

This is a service position with two sets of responsibilities: Administrative Secretary and Web Secretary. The Administrative Secretary is responsible for central administration of banking, communications, documents, publications, calendar, events, and other assistance to programs, officers and committees. The Web Secretary is responsible for the website, online registration forms, and the eNews. Ideally, SEYM would like to find one person to do both jobs, which together make a 2/3 time position.

Each Secretary we have had is unique in the set of skills, gifts, and leadings that s/he has brought to the job. In general, candidates need to be self-starters adept at organizing, multi-tasking, and problem-solving. Communication skills and an understanding of Quaker faith and practice are also vital for both the Administrative and Web Secretary responsibilities. Other necessary qualifications include proficiency in Word and Excel, along with good writing and computer skills. The Web Secretary position requires familiarity with—or ability to learn— WordPress, basic photo editing, and basic journalism.

There will be a training period, or overlap, between the outgoing and incoming Secretaries, to enable the new Secretary to learn specific responsibilities, programs, and skills necessary to do the job successfully.

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An Ad Hoc Secretary Search Committee of Phoebe Andersen, Bill Carlie, and Joel Cook was appointed at the June 2018 Executive Committee meeting.

To learn more, and/or apply for the job, email the Search Committee