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Quaker Table At Florida ICAN Assembly. Photo: Beverly Ward
Quaker table at Florida iCAN Assembly. photo: Beverly Ward

Field Notes: Earthcare Resources

While preparing for the fifth assembly of the Florida Interfaith Climate Actions Network (report forthcoming), I drew on the resources of Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) Publications (QEW). This is my “go to” site for materials for tabling, retreats, etc. (Our own Brad Stocker, Miami Friends Meeting, is co-clerk of QEW’s Publications Committee.)

Quaker table at Florida iCAN Assembly. photo: Beverly Ward

The publications include:

  • BeFriending Creation – a quarterly journal that reports and celebrates what Friends, Friends Meetings, and organizations are doing and saying about the global crisis in ecological sustainability.
  • More than 30 trifold QEW Pamphlets for sharing on a wide-range of Earthcare-related issues. The full pamphlets can be downloaded or printed versions can be ordered from the Publications Coordinator .

There is no charge for pamphlets but donations are encouraged to help cover printing costs and postage and handling expenses. If printed, use of recycled paper is encouraged.

  • An updated QEW Earthcare for Children Curriculum for First Day schools. The printable PDF of the document or each individual chapters can download the by clicking here.
  • The QEW Earthcare for Friends Curriculum also has been updated. This Study Guide for Individuals and Faith Communities can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Red Oak, by Mary Coelho

QEW Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QuakerEarthcare/, @QuakerEarthcare

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuakerEarthcare, @QuakerEarthcare

Friends In Publishing

Quaker Earthcare Witness also supports the work and efforts of other organizations publishing materials related to Friends’ work on behalf of Earth, Quaker Institute of the Future (QIF). QIF publishes research-based documents on a variety of Earthcare topics. Visit the QIF Publications page>

Beverly Ward, SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare

13 Second Month 2019