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Friends In A Wendy's Action
Friends in a Wendy's action

Friends & the Wendy’s Boycott

Friends in a Wendy’s action

The SEYM Peace and Social Concerns Committee is asking Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups to consider signing a letter endorsing the Wendy’s boycott, a key campaign and current focus of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) ciw-online.org/wendys. This boycott of the Wendy’s fast food chain is designed to raise public awareness of the abuses and conditions that farmworkers endure, and put pressure on the Wendy’s corporation to join the Fair Food Program, www.fairfoodprogram.org, which secures better wages and safe working conditions for farmworkers.

Several meetings have already endorsed the boycott and signed letters. The attached letter of endorsement, written and signed by Tampa Meeting, can be used as it is, or as a sample letter for Meetings who wish to write their own.

The Peace and Social concerns committee will also be bringing this letter to SEYM Annual Sessions in April, asking Friends to consider whether SEYM can also endorse the Wendy’s boycott.

The boycott highlights the need for the Fair Food Program, in which corporations agree to a humanitarian code of conduct for employers of farm workers, including the reporting and stopping of physical and sexual abuse and the provision of healthcare. CIW is not presently boycotting Publix, because Publix stores are often the only local groceries for many farmworkers. Instead, Friends are encouraged to write Publix corporate management in support of the Fair Food Program. Friends are also asked to watch and share the TED Talk by Gerardo Reyes-Chavez, Making Corporations Pay.

SEYM Teens lead the ‘Wendy Walk’ with FGC Friends, 2013

Please discuss this boycott in your Meeting and discern if you are led to support this campaign and send a letter of endorsement. If you use the Tampa letter, you should change the second page for your meeting.

Please email your letter to Alex Schelle, National Co-Coordinator of the Alliance for Fair Food, and to the Peace and Social Concerns Committee clerk, Cece Yocum, and bring a copy to Yearly Meeting for further discussion regarding consideration of the signing on of Yearly Meeting as well.

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