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Youth At The Gathering. Photo: Mira Tanna
Youth at the Gathering. photo: Mira Tanna

Youth Program at SEYM Gathering!

photo: Mira Tanna

In keeping with the 2019 Gathering theme, “Taking off the Masks: Undoing Racism as Personal & Community Practice,” our Youth theme,

“Looking In, Reaching Out”

is intended to support youth of different ages in joining with SEYM as a whole in the important work of undoing racism through both self-reflection (Personal/Looking In) and relationship-building (Community/Reaching Out).

This Year’s Highlights

Youth at the Gathering. photo: Mira Tanna

The wider gathering theme inspired a new activity for this year: plaster mask-making! We’re excited to get messy and creative while exploring questions about how we present ourselves to the world, how we would like to present ourselves, and how that relates to our faith as Friends.

Juniors and teens will have several opportunities to engage with Walton Lecturers Noah White and Lucy Duncan: joining the Privilege Walk retreat session on Wednesday night, inviting Noah and Lucy into their program space for a workshop later in the week, and attending the Walton Lecture with other SEYM community members on Saturday evening.

As the adult and youth schedules for SEYM Gathering came together, a mini-theme of youth activism emerged. We hope youth participants will be excited to join:

  • the Earthcare Committee’s workshop on Saturday afternoon,
  • hearing and discussing the message of youth climate change activist Greta Thunberg;
  • an FCNL advocacy workshop for youth and young adults;
  • and other offerings!

Easter Egg hunt

Continuing Traditions

Once again, we will join together for a ropes course experience (low ropes this year– safe for all ages!), the intergenerational dance and campfire on Friday evening, an Easter egg hunt on Sunday morning (eggs expertly hidden by juniors and teens, and expertly located by our youngest community members), and lots of spontaneous games and activities in the unprogrammed hours of the afternoon.

 We hope to see you there!

 —Kody Hersh, Youth & Young Adult Coordinator

Note: Youth registration & meals are provided free of charge, thanks to generous donors.

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Playground at the camp. photo: Ezra Merleaux