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YAQ2019 SQ

Young Adults Enjoy Retreat in Sarasota

Young Adults in front of Sarasota meetinghouse. photo: K. Hersh

Thirteen young adult Quakers and friends-of-Friends from across the SEYM region met for a weekend of worship, workshops, games, and community-building in Sarasota June 7-9th. While there was no formal theme for the weekend, conversations and workshops converged around questions of how we are called to effect change in the world as Friends, how to live with integrity within and outside of Quaker community, and the intentional creation of spiritual lives and belief systems that are authentic to who we are.

In between these explorations, attendees prepared and ate meals together, played games, laughed a lot, and even found time for a quick beach excursion.

The retreat was organized by a planning committee of young adult Friends and the Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, and entirely funded by SEYM, so that there was no cost to attend. Anyone who would be interested in attending or helping to plan future young adult retreats is invited to contact Kody Hersh, Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, at YYACoordinator@SEYMQuakers.org.