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Resource Spotlight: Grow Our Meetings Toolkit

Is your meeting longing to grow, increase your presence in the community, and make yourselves known to more potential attenders and future Friends? One resource available to meetings on the topic of outreach is the “Grow Our Meetings Toolkit” from Friends General Conference. The toolkit includes activities, advices, and ideas in three general areas:

  • Inreach– How to build a more healthy, vibrant spiritual community
  • Outreach– How to reach new seekers and raise your meeting’s profile
  • Welcome– How to embrace those who visit your meeting

You can download a pdf of the “Grow Our Meetings Toolkit”.

Still not sure where to start? Invite Kody Hersh, SEYM’s Youth and Young Adult Coordinator, to visit your meeting and lead a workshop on outreach! To get the ball rolling, email  YYACoordinator