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Youth & Family Retreat Photo Gallery

A double rainbow welcomed SEYM families to Lake Louisa State Park last weekend for the end-of-summer Youth and Families Retreat. Staying in cabins overlooking a lake, 26 attenders from 8 families shared meals, games, activities, worship, free time, and lots of laughter. Kids who had never met and others who have known each other for years all formed community quickly, playing tag, roasting marshmallows, carving watermelon lanterns, and sharing favorite board games. Many families explored the park by swimming, kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

In worship on Sunday morning, Friends of all ages offered verbal and visual ministry reflecting on their experiences of community at the retreat. Lots of gratitude was shared for the ways every attender gave freely of their gifts and energy to build a warm, welcoming, and inclusive spiritual community together. We look forward to being together again soon!

Family Retreat 2019 Photo Gallery

Click on any image below to start slideshow. Special thanks to Nice Ashe, Lauren Morgan, and Kathy Hersh for the photos.

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