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Climate Strike at Half Yearly Meeting

“Our house is on fire — let’s act like it.

We demand climate justice for everyone.”

Sunrise at Half Yearly Meeting. photo: Beverly Ward

Grab your bathrobe and some leftovers, then join us for the SEYM Half Yearly Meeting VIRTUAL Climate Strike on 29 Eleventh Month (November). The virtual strike will include worship, mini workshops, games, drop-ins/teach-ins from HYM participants and YOU!!!


Friday, 29 November 2019, 1:00-5:00PM (EST)

Confirmed events:

  • Land acknowledgement and right relationship with indigenous peoples skill-share;
  • Worship Sharing
  • Video from Friends School of Minnesota;
  • Recommended reading from the HYM Bookstore;
  • Climate Change Theatre Action; and
  • MORE!!!


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Register in advance to participate in via Zoom


Download the flyer>

Check back at this space for additional information, time, and activities.

Learn more:

• Attend Half Yearly Meeting! Visit the Half Yearly Meeting page>

• The Fridays for Future youth movement is planning its 4th global climate strike for November 29th. Find an FFF group near you> or check with your local environmental groups.