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Miami Friends Meeting Annual Retreat

“Holding Ourselves in the Spirit of Love and Gratitude” was the theme of Miami Friends Meeting Annual Retreat, held on Saturday November 9th. Over 20 Friends attended the gathering, facilitated by Kody Hersh, SEYM’s Youth and Young Adult Coordinator. The day’s activities included several fun and community building exercises, as well as time for reflection.

photo: Jane Westberg

Holly Iglesias writes,

“Through worship, games, creative expression, interactive exercises, and small group sharing—and donuts and a delicious lunch—we grew closer to one another and to the spirit. Throughout the day, we held each other individually, and our community as a whole, in a spirit of love and gratitude, which will continue to grow….This is something other meetings would enjoy and benefit from. It was a rich experience for all of us.”


photo: Jane Westberg

Kathy Hersh writes,

“…the retreat was just what our meeting needed… As a meeting we took stock of all we had contributed to the community over the years by looking at our “spiritual footprint.” Kody had drawn a huge foot on a sheet and we filled it in with words about our accomplishments, which allowed us a positive framework for discussing our challenges.” She adds, “Who knew we would have so much fun!”

In planning the retreat, Kody worked with Miami’s Worship and Ministry Committee to understand what kind of spiritual sustenance was needed.

Kody Hersh at Miami Meeting Retreat. photo: Jane Westberg

Friends are invited to contact Kody Hersh, SEYM Youth & Young Adult Coordinator, to explore how retreats and workshops he offers can work to deepen and enrich your Meeting community.