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New Earthcare Video Resource

Here’s another video Earthcare resource: Quaker Earthcare Witness: A Panorama. Barb Adams, Richmond (VA) Monthly Meeting and Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) Representative from Baltimore Yearly Meeting, has created the 21-minute film that, as described by QEW,

“…inspires Friends to connect with their love of the planet, their own faith, and their work to live in Right Relationship with Creation through testimonies from Quaker Earthcare Witness members, evocative music, and beautiful images of the natural world.”

The video is available at www.quakerearthcare.org/panorama. Friends can also order a physical or digital copy of the film. A worship-sharing guide to go with it, as well as supplemental resources, will be available soon.

Full disclosure: Jack Bradin (Palm Beach Meeting), Brad Stocker (Miami Meeting), and I are in the film. Both Jack and Brad are SEYM Representatives to QEW.

Barb Adams serves on the QEW Outreach Committee and the United Nations Working Group.

Deep gratitude to Barb Adams and Quaker Earthcare Witness.


—Beverly Ward, SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare