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SEYM Gathering Cancelled

Dear Friends,

The Yearly Meeting Administrative Secretary, Gathering Committee, and the YM clerk have been receiving a large number of messages of concern about the coronavirus and whether the SEYM Gathering would continue as planned. On Wednesday night, March 11th, the SEYM Executive Committee met to discern, in the light of current information, whether to proceed with the SEYM 2020 Gathering.

Out of deep concern for serious threat posed by COVID-19 to our guests and attendees, and the threat of transmission to the community at large, it was decided to cancel this year’s Gathering.

However…we need to be resilient. We have been so excited about all the workshops planned for this year! The Gathering and Youth Program coordinators and the Field Secretary for Earthcare have started looking at our options and abilities to offer workshops as interactive video ‘gatherings’ online or at future events.

The full Executive Committee minutes will be posted soon.

Please take care, and keep yourselves safe.

In the Light,

Bill Carlie, YM Clerk, acting EC/IBM Clerk