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July 28 Online Workshop: Collaborative Conflict Resolution Strategies, from Interpersonal to Earthcare

Conflicts are universal features of human interaction. After discussing definitions of conflict, we’ll explore the various types and levels of conflict that we may experience or observe, then discuss when to use collaborative conflict resolution strategies. We’ll consider some procedures for resolving conflicts, and analyze some conflict scenarios, including environmental conflicts. For each scenario, we’ll identify some strategies that we would like to try, and work toward an outcome that satisfies all parties.

Facilitator: Brian Humphrey (Ft. Lauderdale) “I have presented a number of conflict resolution workshops at Quaker conferences and interfaith conferences. As a pre-teen and a teen, I dealt with bullying and teasing. In 1992, I took part in a week-long workshop on peaceful strategies for conflict resolution. For years, I worked with people who stutter and their families. Kids and adults who stutter are often bullied, and I was glad that I could offer them strategies for bullying prevention and conflict resolution. Earthcare is a focus for me, and environmental conflicts are likely to increase as climate change continues.”

Tuesday, July 28th • 7 pm Eastern/6 pm Central

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