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June 23rd Online Workshop: Climate, Covid 19 & Environmental Justice in the Midst of an Uprising

Facilitator: Shelley Tanenbaum (Quaker Earthcare Witness)

We are living in rapidly changing times, facing challenges of monumental proportion: a global pandemic, climate change and related ecological disasters, and institutional racism and violence. These challenges are connected and we cannot address any one of them without addressing all of them. What can we learn from our experience with Covid19, and how does that inform our response to climate change? How do privilege and institutional barriers create disproportionate impacts from both a pandemic and ecological crises? What happens when we open ourselves to kinship with nature and each other? Shelley Tanenbaum (QEW) will facilitate, providing her reflections on these times followed by discussion. Working together, we will find way forward.

Shelley Tanenbaum is the General Secretary for Quaker Earthcare Witness, a North American network of Friends seeking ecological integrity and environmental justice. She also serves on the board of Quaker Institute for the Future. She is an environmental scientist and a member of Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting in Berkeley, California.


Tuesday, June 23rd • 7 pm Eastern/6pm Central

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