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Statement on Arrest of Javier del Sol

Please be aware: There is information below related to child sexual abuse that may be triggering for some people.

The community of Southeastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has received the news that one of our members, Javier del Sol, has been arrested for sexual abuse of a child about sixteen years ago in his home community of Lake Worth, Florida.

Child sexual abuse is an act of violence, abuse of power, and violation of trust that is completely contrary to Quaker values and beliefs. We offer our respect and gratitude for the courage that it took the survivor of abuse to bring her experience to light.

Javier del Sol was an active volunteer with SEYM youth programs for several years, and interacted with both adults and children at our events.

While we are not aware of abuse occurring at any SEYM event, we are reaching out as broadly as possible to extend our support to anyone who may have witnessed or experienced harmful, abusive, or confusing behavior within our community, to survivors of sexual violence who may be especially impacted by this news, and to any other current or former participants in Southeastern Yearly Meeting events who might need particular support and care at this time.

If you have experienced abuse, we stand ready to believe and support you. You are also welcome to seek support elsewhere. Some resources for survivors of sexual violence include:

If you wish to contact law enforcement directly with information about abuse committed by Javier del Sol, you can do that by phone or online:

Crime Stoppers • 1-800-458-TIPS

The following SEYM members are available to anyone who would like someone to talk to:

Jan Dahm


(321) 701-4583


Kody Hersh


(407) 476-6214 (text or call)

he/him or they/them

Richelle Ogle


(863) 535-6284


Eduardo Diaz*


(305) 209-7437

he/him, él

*Spanish/English bilingual. Licensed psychologist: required to report threats of harm to self or others.

These Friends will provide emotional and spiritual support, but not professional counseling. Anything you share with them will be kept in confidence, unless it involves the abuse of a child currently under the age of 18, which they may be legally required to report.

If you have feedback, questions, or concerns about SEYM’s response to this situation, you are welcome to contact the clerk of the response committee, Kody Hersh (Kody.Hersh@gmail.com; 407-476-6214) or the yearly meeting clerk, Bill Carlie (ymclerk@seymquakers.org, 407-840-9862).

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