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2022 Youth Epistle

Greetings Friends,

The theme of this year’s SEYM yearly meeting is Welcome As You Are. We started off welcoming Friends on Thursday afternoon by playing Apples to Apples along with other ice-breakers. We started Friday off with worship sharing where we reflected on our week and the things/people that make us feel welcome. We then drew self-portraits as a form of self-reflection, and participated in water games. Later that evening, as more Friends arrived a talent show commenced filled with jokes, stories, and music. This event was emceed by one of our very own youth. The talent show was followed by a birthday celebration and a bonfire. Saturday started off with worship sharing where we imagined a world where everyone was welcomed. Later on we had a meeting for worship with attention to business where we nominated two youth clerks. We played several board games ‘til the capture the flag game that was very sportsmanlike. We ended the day with the Walton Lecture. We look forward to the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We enjoyed coming together as Friends after 3 years of being apart.

Always welcome,

Asma, Priya, Ania for the SEYM Youth