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Save the date! Half Yearly Meeting 2022 December 16 – 19

Canoeing on the Wekiwa River

Half Yearly meeting is an opportunity for families and Friends from all over our region to relax and have fun, surrounded by nature at Wekiwa Springs State Park!

Planned and unplanned activities include canoeing, nature walks, workshops, the Talent Show, music jams, games, art, and eco-centric programs for children of all ages.

This year HYM will be held Friday, Dec 16 to Monday, Dec 19, because the Wekiva Springs Youth Camp was not available for our usual time over Thanksgiving weekend.


This new date presents some advantages:

  • Surrounded by nature at Wekiwa

    Most schools will be out for the long winter break, so our college students may be home

  • We may also have family visiting for the holiday who would be thrilled to spend a long weekend in nature
  • The hustle and bustle of the early December “season” (parades, plays, school functions, etc.) will generally be over The crowds at Wekiva will be much smaller, resulting in a more peaceful and nature-filled weekend
  • We can emphasize a simple life to give us peaceful sustenance after a stressful election season and during a hectic Christmas season.



Mark your calendars! Invite Friends from your meeting! Bring your family, and their friends, too — we welcome Quakers and non-Quakers alike.

This year, registration will be offered on a pay-as-led basis.

What new or different activities would you like to see at Half Yearly Meeting? What talent can you can you bring to Half Yearly Meeting: lead a workshop, yoga, organize a canoe trip, gather a crew and prepare a meal or two? To volunteer, or for more information,  contact Brian Olson, HYM Clerk. 

canoeing on the Wekiwa River. photo: P. Ackerman