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Seeker’s Book Club starts October 20

The SEYM Worship & Ministry Committee is sponsoring a Seeker’s Book Club. Starting Thursday, October 20th, Cheryl Demers-Holton will be convening the group, which will focus on a book that might offer suggestions for personal growth: Practicing Peace: a devotional walk through the Quaker tradition by Catherine Whitmire.

This book club will meet every other week, on Zoom. At present the plan is to meet the first and third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. Depending on the size of this group, the meetings will be about 90 minutes.

Cheryl writes,

“I would like to invite any folks from SEYM to read, with me, Practicing Peace by Catherine Whitmire.

“We will take our time with this book, reading about 20 pages for each meeting. The book has a few queries at the end of each chapter, and we will use these as a springboard to discussion.

“The goal is to offer spiritual enrichment and an opportunity to share our Light, especially for those meetings that might not have a particularly deep bench.  The Bible is a wealth of wisdom and Light but not all our members and attenders are grounded in the Bible, this group is meant to appeal to both, those that center their spiritual journey in Bible study and those that do not.”

“This book is available through Quakerbooks and other online sources, bookstores, and perhaps your local or meeting library. I was not able to find this as an e book, Kindle or Audible. I bought my copy at a Christian bookstore. The book, new is about $20 but, it can be acquired, used, online for about 5 or 6 dollars. See a few sources below.”



If you are interested, please email Cheryl to RSVP. If you are interested but Thursday is a bad day, let her know that also.  

About the book
Synopsis from Quakerbooks of FGC:

Practicing Peace: a devotional walk through the Quaker tradition
by Catherine Whitmire

“This is an accessible, well presented, comprehensive and fascinating book on the Quaker peace testimony written by the author of Plain Living: a Quaker Path to Simplicity. Stories of successful nonviolent movements throughout history are partnered with quotes from over 350 years of Quaker teachings on peace. Queries lead readers on a journey to self-discovery, through the stages of practicing peace: first by focusing within themselves, then looking outward to practice peace in the world…”

You can order the book online at:

Quakerbooks of FGC. 16.95 + shipping

Pendle Hill Bookstore

Quip (Quakers Uniting in Publications) 16.95 + shipping

Biblio.com  from 3.00 to 18.00