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Paulette Meier, QuakerSpeak
Paulette Meier, QuakerSpeak

Quaker Chanting Workshop March 25th

Drinking in Quaker spiritual wisdom through chant:

An online introduction to Quaker chant with Paulette Meier

Saturday, March 25, 3:00 – 4:30 pm

Paulette Meier, QuakerSpeak

Chanting inspirational words has been part of contemplative traditions throughout time.  Recently, Quakers have used chanting to deepen their worship and experience the profound spiritual wisdom available in our own Quaker tradition.

Join us online Saturday, March 25, from 3:00 – 4:30pm, when Paulette Meier will introduce us to this spiritual practice and teach some chants that she composed, drawing on the words of Quakers from George Fox to Bayard Rustin.  She will share the moving stories behind the quotations used in the chants.  In chanting together, our hope is that SEYM Friends will joyfully embody our spiritual wisdom, and be led to share this wisdom in our Quaker world and beyond.

Chanting is meant for voices of all kinds, and these chants are easy to learn.  No preparation needed.

To learn more about some of the chants we will sing,

Paulette Meier is a singer/songwriter, whose strong alto voice has stirred hearts and opened minds for over 30 years in the pursuit of a peaceful, just and sustainable world.

​”Paulette Meier’s rich voice, unforced singing, meditative pacing, and natural cadences bring the hearer to that inner peace where truth abides.”

-Doug Gwyn, writer, minister, musician and Quaker scholar