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DeLand Friends Plan Book Giveaway for Banned Book Week

Following the success of their Black history book giveaway at the DeLand Juneteenth Celebration, DeLand Worship Group is planning to partner with DeLand Pride to give away books on LGBTQ inclusion for Banned Book Week, October 1-7.

They invite SEYM Friends to participate in this effort by sending children’s books on equality, inclusion, and diversity.

A DeLand Friend writes:

“The Friends of DeLand Worship Group are grateful and overjoyed at the success of their Black history book giveaway during the DeLand Juneteenth celebration. Attendees appreciated the books, and the validation we offered with each and every volume.

“Many teachers, parents and children have expressed their concerns regarding the book banning in Florida schools and the book review boards that are springing up statewide. The Juneteenth event cemented our commitment to make inclusive and validating books available to children, to offer access to the truth in all cultural histories, and to circulate as many books as possible to help children feel seen, heard, and valued for who they are.

“October 1-7 is banned book week. The American Library Association has themed this year’s event, “Let Freedom Read.” To join in on the celebration we at the DeLand Worship Group, partnering with DeLand Pride and our local public library, are planning to give away even more books.

“If you are holding a book give away in your area, congratulations and well done! We wholeheartedly encourage your efforts. However, if you have nothing planned for that week and want to contribute, we will welcome and appreciate any and all donations of books for our giveaway. We will be passing out free books that celebrate cultural history and teach equality, diversity, and inclusion. If you have a book to share that will make a child feel seen and heard—that is exactly the sort of book we are looking for. DeLand Pride is taking the lead on this giveaway, and they want the focus to be positive. They want to offer any and all books, primarily for children and young adults, that offer truth in cultural history, and acceptance of diversity, equality and inclusion.”

If your group would like to donate books or funds for this effort, please contact Cheryl Demers Holton at DeLandQuakers@gmail.com and she will happily share the mailing address for your donation. If you want to donate and are not sure your books will get to them on time, send your contributions anyway. Spreading and sharing knowledge is a long-term commitment of the Friends of DeLand; they will be giving books away for as long as there are books to be given.

For more information, see DeLand Pride’s post on this event>