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Earthcare Workshop Offerings 2023

SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare Beverly Ward is available to visit Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups within SEYM to present workshops or to help them discern their leadings in advocacy or activism in care for the earth. She can meet with you in person or online.

Below is an updated list of all the workshops Beverly offers, with topics not only on earthcare and climate change, but also on the intersectionality of climate justice and anti-racism.

To arrange a visit or workshop with your Meeting or Worship Group, please contact Beverly:

email Beverly Ward
Telephone : 813.928.8823.
Snailmail: P.O. Box 1614, Umatilla, FL 32784.


Angelic Troublemaking: Beyond Bystander Training – explores anti-racism/decolonization work with emphasis on local concerns and means of accompaniment.

Climate Equity/Climate Justice in Our Community: identifies specific local social justice and equity concerns. Participants identify actions to address concerns.

*New* Decolonizing Earthcare: explores the intersectionality of gender, race, extraction, and harmful economic systems and the adverse impacts to the Earth.

Discerning Earthcare Leadings: listening and sharing experiences to reach individual and group decisions on Earthcare actions.

Earthcare audits: baseline assessment of individual or community activities and discernment.

Equality or Equity? What is Our Testimony? We will examine Friends’ equality testimony, the concepts of equity and justice, and the relationship of these to Earthcare.

Permaculture is Not Just Agriculture: introduces permaculture design and domains and ways to bring these practices into Earthcare;

Project Drawdown, Introduction and more: presents information on actions that “drawdown” carbon emissions and ways to promote drawdown choices as individuals and communities;

Quakers and Climate Collapse: shares and builds on a Woodbrooke course led by Jackie Carpenter from 2021 Fifth Month (May), including review of the latest science, worship sharing, and discernment. Beverly can also can build on her Pendle Hill presentation to help with local concerns.

Racial Wealth Gap Simulation: an exercise that helps “…people understand the connections among racial equity, hunger, poverty, and wealth.”

Transportation, migration, and climate: explores access and mobility issues from the local to global perspective and the impacts of climate change.

Underwater Homeowners Association: shares local actions that can be undertaken by communities experiencing sea level rise.

Water: Sea Level Rise, Flooding, and Water Quality explores local, national, and global water issues.

Waterline Communities: Displacement and Gentrification and Why Quakers Should Care drills down to the county or community level on the impacts of displacement.

What the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs AND Inflation Reduction Acts Mean to Me and My Community? This workshop looks at how funds from the two acts are being dispersed at the local level and provides suggestions on how to get involved in the decision-making process. Special emphasis is given to working with local implementing agencies and collaborating with advocacy groups to address adverse climate and environmental impacts.