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SEYM Friendly Gardening

SEYM Friendly Gardening

Beverly Ward, SEYM Field Secretary for Earthcare, has created a short video on ‘SEYM Friendly Gardening.’ In this short tutorial, she talks about xeriscaping, pollinator habitats, rain gardens, and other features of eco-friendly landscaping, using examples from meetinghouses in SEYM along with other sites. The video was inspired by Kody…

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Climate Week 2020, September 21-27

Climate Week 2020, September 21-27

Climate Week NYC, hosted in association with the United Nations and the City of New York, promises to be one of the few international climate events taking place in 2020. The Climate Week NYC official events program will comprise of both physical events in New York City as well as…

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QEW UN Working Group 2020 Side Event, July 15 (online)

QEW UN Working Group 2020 Side Event, July 15 (online)

Every year, since 2017, the Quaker Earthcare Witness United Nations Working Group has convened a Side Event during the United Nations High Level Political Forum for Sustainable Development. These side events have been collaborative efforts in recognition of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent (2015 -…

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Earth Day Zoom Check-in

Earth Day Zoom Check-in

Over the last two months, I have been engaged in virtual Earthcare fieldwork via Zoom nearly each day. Despite the anxiety, grief, and anger that I am experiencing because of the social impacts of the coronavirus, I have had the joy of being in touch with many of you. I…

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Bio: Beverly G. Ward

Beverly is a member of and past clerk of Tampa Monthly Meeting. She is a member of the SEYM Earthcare Committee. Her history among Friends goes back to her attendance at a Quaker high school and her interest and concern for our natural world occurred with her studies there in environmental science. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring struck a chord with her.

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She is very well rounded academically with a PhD in Applied Anthropology and a minor in Public Administration. Beverly earned a Master’s in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Psychology and Film/Drama.

She has taught Cultural Anthropology at the University of South Florida, Community Sustainability, Transportation and Society, and Geographic Information Systems and Anthropology among other courses. Her related experience includes principal and owner of BGW Associates, LLC, in which she conducts research, provides technical assistance to communities, local state and federal agencies, and conducts program evaluations, including environmental and social justice. Among her publications and papers is Saving Ourselves: The Need For Knowledge Sharing and Other Technology Transfer Among the Islands and Nation-States of the American Mediterranean in Response to Climate Change and Other Extreme Events. She is a member of the National Academy of Science, Transportation Research Board Environmental Justice Issues in Transportation Committee.

Beverly has been deeply involved with Alternatives to Violence Project as a facilitator. She also has facilitated Trauma Healing workshops in Colombia. She has a particular interest in permaculture and a commitment to work with SEYM youth.

Field Secretary for Earthcare Job Description

Approved by Winter Interim Business Meeting • January 16, 2016

The Field Secretary for Earthcare (FSE) is focused on assisting Southeastern Yearly Meeting, its Monthly Meetings, and Worship Groups and members of such Meetings in discernment of their Earthcare leadings, guiding monthly meeting youth and adults to projects and activities within their communities that promote care for the earth and linking SEYM efforts with the wider Quaker world.


Individual should be:

  • Thoroughly familiar with SEYM’s Quaker Faith and Practice, willing to seek the guidance of the Spirit in their work, in unity with Friends’ testimonies on the environment, and able to witness to the sacredness of our Earth.
  • Knowledgeable of Quaker process and Friends organizations, particularly with regard to Earthcare issues.

Individual should have:

  • Sufficient education or work experience in either science and/or environmental studies to allow understanding of the scientific and mathematical components of environmental issues, especially in our yearly meeting region. (A Bachelors degree in environmental studies or a natural science would be desirable, however other relevant education and experience will be considered.)
  • Sufficient maturity, training and/or work experience to allow individual to work productively with individuals, youth and Monthly Meetings in discerning personal leadings and group leadings on environmental issues and activism related to those issues.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work well with a wide variety of people.
  • Ability to provide his/her own work space.
  • FSE must have a reliable computer, phone, printer and automobile (for travel to various locations in Florida).   Individual will be required to provide documentation of license and automobile insurance. Individual will be compensated for position related automobile travel at the IRS set rate. When FSE travels to SEYM Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups (and other organizations), these groups will be asked to pay for travel compensation and to provide mutually agreeable overnight hospitality and meals. FSE will be compensated for partial use of home for office, use of phone, computer and printer. Office supplies will be compensated.
  • Individual must have the ability to financially pay for expenses when incurred and be able to wait for monthly compensation.
  • Individual must have the physical and emotional stamina to allow person to perform the required duties of the position with reasonable accommodation. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Duties of Position

  • Provide focus and coordinate efforts on environmental work in the SEYM region.
  • Perform visits to Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups within SEYM to help them discern their leadings in care of the Earth, and to provide information and coordination among Meetings.
  • To be a Quaker Presence at specific events, including those arranged by others.
  • To assist the Youth of SEYM in their Earthcare projects, to be an inspiration and model for them; to be a presence and resource for Young Adult Friends.
  • To communicate and collaborate our regional concerns with national organizations including Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW), Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT), Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), and Friends General Conference (FGC).
  • To serve as SEYM’s public presence for Earthcare.
  • To serve as a liaison with other like-minded organizations at the direction of the Earthcare Committee of SEYM in concert with the Executive Committee as Personnel Committee through its clerk, and grounded in the loving interest and care of the Yearly Meeting.
  • Employee will provide monthly reports to the FSE Anchor Committee on work activities. This report will also provide anticipated work activities over the next quarter and will be revised on a monthly basis.

Supervision of Position

This person will be under the care and guidance of a committee of four individuals formed by the Executive Committee and Earthcare Committee of SEYM called the SEYM Anchor Committee for the Field Secretary for Earthcare. Two members of the Anchor Committee will be appointed by the Executive Committee, and two members will be recommended by the SEYM Nominating Committee. The Anchor Committee will be tasked with guiding the work of this SEYM employee. The Clerk for the Anchor Committee, will be selected by members of the Anchor Committee and will serve as supervisor for the FSE. FSE may freely contact other members of the Anchor committee for support and information as needed.

Time Requirements

Based on the present availability of funding, the FSE position will be initiated as part time 20 hours a week. This may be revisited as workload is discerned and should funding to support additional hours become available.

Salary & Benefits

Salary:   Position will be salaried.

Benefits: This position is offered in accordance with SEYM’s Personnel Policies. Consistent with these policies, no other benefits are provided. Authorized Position related office and non-travel expenses will be reimbursed from receipts furnished.

pdf: Job Description, Anchor Committee, Search Committee

FSE Job Description, Anchor Committee & Search Committee documents approved at 2016 Winter Interim Business Meeting: 

Field Secretary

for Earthcare

Beverly G. Ward

Southeastern Yearly Meeting



FSE Facebook page

Beverly Ward & Barb Letsch

Beverly Ward & Barb Letsch

Donate to the FSE Fund 

The Field Secretary for Earthcare position is being funded entirely by donations from Meetings and individuals, with one grant from the SEYM trustees. More funds are needed.

Schedule a Visit

Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups may invite the Field Secretary for Earthcare to visit by contacting:

Field Secretary for Earthcare (FSE)

Beverly Ward



The FSE Anchor Committee:

SEYM Office: Vicki Carlie, Secretary