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Responding to Friends’ enthusiasm for online workshops and other programming, the SEYM Executive Committee appointed an ad hoc Online Program Committee of Brian Olson, Clerk (Miami), Cece Yocum (Tampa), Stephen Riddle (Orlando), Nancy Triscritti (Tampa), and Kody Hersh (Youth & Young Adult Coordinator) to coordinate the online presentation of worship sharing, workshops (that were already prepared for Yearly Meeting Gathering), and other program between now and Winter Interim Business meeting. They will report to WIBM on future possibilities. For questions or information, contact  Brian Olson, Clerk.

All events are hosted on the Zoom platform. New to Zoom? See Online Meetings: Getting Started

Worship Sharing

All sessions are Saturday mornings, 10am Eastern/9am Central. 



All workshop sessions are Tuesday evenings, 7pm Eastern/6pm Central.

June 23  Climate, Covid 19 & Environmental Justice in the Midst of an Uprising

See workshop description

We are living in rapidly changing times, facing challenges of monumental proportion: a global pandemic, climate change and related ecological disasters, and institutional racism and violence. These challenges are connected and we cannot address any one of them without addressing all of them. What can we learn from our experience with Covid19, and how does that inform our response to climate change? How do privilege and institutional barriers create disproportionate impacts from both a pandemic and ecological crises? What happens when we open ourselves to kinship with nature and each other? Shelley Tanenbaum (QEW) will facilitate, providing her reflections on these times followed by discussion. Working together, we will find way forward.

Facilitator: Shelley Tanenbaum.  Shelley Tanenbaum is the General Secretary for Quaker Earthcare Witness, a North American network of Friends seeking ecological integrity and environmental justice. She also serves on the board of Quaker Institute for the Future. She is an environmental scientist and a member of Strawberry Creek Monthly Meeting in Berkeley, California.

July 28  Collaborative Conflict Resolution Strategies: from Interpersonal Situations to Earthcare

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Conflicts are universal features of human interaction. After discussing definitions of conflict, we’ll explore the various types and levels of conflict that we may experience or observe, then discuss when to use collaborative conflict resolution strategies. We’ll consider some procedures for resolving conflicts, and analyze some conflict scenarios, including environmental conflicts. For each scenario, we’ll identify some strategies that we would like to try, and work toward an outcome that satisfies all parties.

Facilitator: Brian Humphrey (Ft. Lauderdale). “I have presented a number of conflict resolution workshops at Quaker conferences and interfaith conferences. As a pre-teen and a teen, I dealt with bullying and teasing. In 1992, I took part in a week-long workshop on peaceful strategies for conflict resolution. For years, I worked with people who stutter and their families. Kids and adults who stutter are often bullied, and I was glad that I could offer them strategies for bullying prevention and conflict resolution. Earthcare is a focus for me, and environmental conflicts are likely to increase as climate change continues.

August 25  The ‘No Way to Treat a Child’ Campaign

See workshop description

Co-sponsored by AFSC, this campaign advocates against the mistreatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention. One current goal of the campaign is to have 100 meetings take action on this issue in the next year. We will view a 50-minute film, “Imprisoning a Generation,” and discuss how individual Friends and monthly meetings can take actions in solidarity with the campaign.

Facilitators: Kody Hersh (Orlando; he/they), Cece Yocum (Tampa; she/hers), Joan Culver (Ft. Myers; she/hers)

September 22  Building Multigenerational Spiritual Relationships

See workshop description

Join Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) Alum and Development Coordinator, Claire Hannapel, for a hands-on workshop exploring deepening relationships across generations. Participants will have the opportunity to reframe multigenerational spiritual mentoring relationships and practice skills to connect more deeply (all ages welcome, though best suited for age 18+).

Facilitator: Claire Hannapel (Quaker Voluntary Service)

October 27  Growing Transgender Allyship in SEYM

See workshop description

Participants will be asked to identify their transgender ally goals and explore our their own barriers to engaging in trans ally work. We will discuss micro-aggressions that hurt trans people and educate on affirming language and behaviors. We will conclude with interactive role plays to help develop concrete trans ally skills and bystander intervention approaches.

Facilitators: Stephanie Preston (Orlando)(she/her), Vincent Cosomano (Miami), Sara Humphrey (Orlando; she/her)

November 17  How We Win: What We Learned From George Lakey

See workshop description

A round table discussion/interest group hosted by members of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee. Many meetings had a workshop with George Lakey on developing campaigns to win social action goals. This session will be open to all whether or not you were at one of the workshops. Where should we go from here with what we learned? Reading the book “How We Win” is recommended.

Facilitator: Cece Yocum (Tampa; she/hers). Sponsored by the SEYM Peace & Social Concerns Committee


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June 21 • SEYM First Day School

2 pm EDT:  preschool & elementary

3pm EDT: open worship

4pm EDT: middle & high school


June 26 • Quaker Youth Game Night • 7pm EDT


Middle and high school youth are invited to an online game night, featuring Pictionary, Scattergories, and (by popular demand), “Quaker Mafia,” as developed by our youth at the SEYM Gathering.


July 31 – August 2 • Youth & Family Virtual Retreat


Participants will receive a care package of supplies in the mail and an activity schedule, including activities for families to do on their own, things to do as a community via video chat, and digital space to share photos, reflections, jokes, memes, and other updates to connect us over the weekend. Read more>

Young Adults (18-35)

July 23  • Young Adult Dinner & Discussion


Join other young adults (18-35ish) from across the SEYM region for dinner and discussion on Thursday, July 23. Starting at 6pm Eastern, we will chat and eat dinner together via Zoom. At 7pm, we will share and discuss some QuakerSpeak and TED Talk videos.


Movie Night • All Ages

Orlando Meeting invites SEYM Friends to join us on Zoom for our monthly, all-ages “Family & Friends” community nights. We gather online for Dinner fellowship at 6 pm EDT(pizza is traditional, but not required), and a movie at 7 pm EDT.


Upcoming Dates: 


Friday, July 10: 6pm Dinner fellowship, 6:30pm* movie

Join other SEYMers for The Hate U Give, a film about a Black teen struggling with racial identity and police violence. Please review the Common Sense Media link above for more information on content and age-appropriateness. *Note: we’ll begin earlier than usual due to the movie’s length.


Friday, August 14: 6pm Dinner fellowship, 7pm movie

All-ages movie night returns with Shrek, a fairy tale remix about an antisocial ogre on a quest to reclaim his swamp.