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All our SEYM Handbooks, Manuals, Policies and Forms are offered here as PDFs for you to view, download, or print. The SEYM Handbook  and CAPP Manual are also available as ring-bound books at our business meetings or from the office.

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Archives of Meetings & Worship Groups


The Archives Committee encourages Meetings and Worship Groups to archive their important documents (minutes, letters, membership records, legal documents, images, newsletters, audio and video recordings, scrapbooks) in digital format on CDs or DVDs, and send them to the SEYM archive repository, c/o Florence Turcotte, at the Smathers Library of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Florance Turcotte’s name should be clear and prominent in the address.


Scanned documents should be in the form of portable document files (PDF). All digital photos & videos MUST be in one of three formats: JPEG2000 or TIFF or pdf. Do not use GIF or png formats.


Clearly label each CD or DVD (the disc itself, as well as its case) as to content, including Meeting name and year(s). When preparing items for deposit make a list of what is on each CD (for example: Business Meeting Minutes 1989-2000; Worship & Ministry Committee Minutes 1974-86; Meeting Newsletters 1999-2002, etc). Include a copy of the list with the material for deposit to help in preparing an index to the records, and keep a copy of the list since the materials deposited still belong to your meeting.


Please mail them to:


SEYM Archives

c/o Florence Turcotte

207 Smathers Library

P.O. Box 117005

Gainesville, FL 32611-7005

—the Archives Committee, June 2018


Download  Meeting & Worship Groups Archive pdf>