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About the SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (C.A.P.P.)

Thanks to our staff of SEYM CAPP-registered, dedicated volunteers, we are able to have a Youth Program that offers our young people a full schedule of fun, creative, and enriching activities at our gatherings!

Our SEYM Youth Program is organized and operates according to the Southeastern Yearly Meeting Child Abuse Prevention Training Manual & Procedures. The Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) ensures that everyone, children, parents, Youth Program Workers, and Youth Program Coordinators alike, can feel safe and free to focus on having a wonderful time at our events.

Our CAPP training is designed to give our Youth Program Workers the tools, support and empowerment to create a caring space where each child can explore their creativity, playfulness, feelings and ideas, and learn what it is to be a Friend.

Becoming a registered SEYM Youth Worker

There are four pieces of the registration process:

• Complete the Application Form. Print out and complete the two parts of the form, ‘Permission to Obtain a Background Check’ and ‘References’, and mail them to: SEYM, P.O.Box 1062, St. Petersburg, FL, 33731.

• Read the SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Training Manual & Procedures. You may read it online or download it here, or you may request a ring-bound copy from the office. When you have finished reading the Manual, contact the CAPP Coordinator to schedule your training.

• Take the Training. The training covers child abuse prevention, bullying prevention, and other topics. Total training time is estimated to be about 1 hour.

• Turn in your Training Verification form.

Approval by CAPP Review Committee, which consists of: The Secretary, CAPP Coordinator and one other appointed Friend

All information regarding your application and registration process is kept totally and strictly confidential; and files are kept in a locked safe in our locked storage unit. 

If you have any questions, please contact the SEYM Office: Susan Wade, SEYM Administrative Secretary

Thank you for helping your Yearly Meeting protect the children in our care!




Volunteers are needed to spend just a few hours a year with our young Friends and assist Youth Program leaders at Half Yearly Meeting and/or the Yearly Meeting Gathering as certified SEYM Youth Workers. Volunteers are screened and trained through our SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP).