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Next CAPP Training: Friday, April 19th

at the SEYM Gathering, Fruitland Park, FL

Volunteers are needed for SEYM’s Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). It takes a large number of CAPP trained & registered Youth Workers to fully support our active youth program— people who can be present at a Youth Program workshop at the Gathering or other Youth Program event. This includes Friends who may or may not be working with the children, to simply be available should need arise. We are required to have at least two adults with a child, or children, at all times, at least one of whom is CAPP registered.

There will be a CAPP training at 4:15 pm, Friday, April 19th.

To volunteer, and sign up for the this training, please follow these steps:

1) Complete the Application Form and mail it to the SEYM Office, P.O. Box 4024, Winter Park, FL 32793 by March 25th. It takes at least one week to process the background and reference checks. OR You can use the online Application Form, which is encrypted and password protected, by requesting the password from the Secretary at office@seym.org

You will be notified when your application has been accepted. Then move on to step 2:

2) Read the CAP Training Manual.

3) Sign up for the training session by contacting our CAPP Coordinator, Vicki Mariner 

Thank you for helping your Yearly Meeting protect the children in our care!

About the SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (C.A.P.P.)

Thanks to our staff of SEYM CAPP-registered, dedicated volunteers, we are able to have a Youth Program that offers our young people a full schedule of fun, creative, and enriching activities at our gatherings!

Our SEYM Youth Program is organized and operates according to the Southeastern Yearly Meeting Child Abuse Prevention Training Manual & Procedures. The Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) ensures that everyone, children, parents, Youth Program Workers, and Youth Program Coordinators alike, can feel safe and free to focus on having a wonderful time at our events.

Our CAPP training is designed to give our Youth Program Workers the tools, support and empowerment to create a caring space where each child can explore their creativity, playfulness, feelings and ideas, and learn what it is to be a Friend.

Becoming a registered SEYM Youth Program Worker

Step 1: Volunteer. Download the Application Form>. Print out and complete the two forms, ‘Permission to Obtain a Background Check’ and ‘References’, and mail them to the SEYM office.

Step 2: Read the SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Training Manual & Procedures. You may read it online or download it here, or you may request a ring-bound copy from the office. When you have finished reading the Manual, contact the CAPP Coordinator, Vicki Mariner  to schedule your training, Step 3.

Step 3: Participate in the Training. The training covers child abuse prevention, bullying prevention, and other topics. Total training time is estimated to be about 1 hour.

Step 4: Verification forms.

  • Print out and complete your Training Verification Form and mail it to the Secretary.
  • The Trainer will complete and send in the Training Attendance Record.

Step 5: Approval by Review Committee.

Send All Forms to the Seym Office: SEYM, P.O. Box 4024, Winter Park, FL 32793

If you have any questions, please contact our CAPP Coordinator, Vicki Mariner 




Volunteers are needed to spend just a few hours a year with our young Friends and assist Youth Program leaders at Half Yearly Meeting and/or the Yearly Meeting Gathering as certified SEYM Youth Workers. Volunteers are screened and trained through our SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP).