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The SEYM Youth Program provides fun and engaging activities for all youth age groups at the SEYM Gathering and Half-Yearly Meeting. Other events throughout the year may include family gatherings, camping or field trips. Teen events during the year may include weekend gatherings with workshops, field trips, and a Youth Pilgrimage during the summer. See Youth News & Events

At Junior Yearly Meeting, the Teens and Juniors (youth grades 6-12) decide what leadings, testimonies, or other interest they wish to pursue, and the Youth Committee provides the support and guidance to help them plan and carry out events.

SEYM Teens are an inspiration to us all! In recent years they have been active in the Fair Food Campaign, and have worked with Earth Quaker Action team to stop Mountaintop Removal Mining.

Young people love being together, learning, and having a sense of community—along with just having fun! Our Youth Committee, Program Leaders, and Youth Workers provide activities, support and guidance to

  • foster friendships, cooperation, and a community where each youth is valued & included
  • help young people learn about Quakers and our testimonies of Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Sustainability
  • Support the Light and leadings of young Friends

All Program leaders and Youth Workers are screened and trained through our Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). Read about CAPP



We are looking for volunteers to work with our youth at the Yearly Meeting Gathering, Half Yearly Meeting, and other events. Volunteers are screened and trained through our SEYM Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP). Visit our CAPP page for complete information